Tango DJ

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, and with over 25 years of experience as a teacher, dancer and tango DJ.

Since starting her work as a DJ, she has participated in the most traditional milongas of Buenos Aries as an associate DJ, at Club Gricel Milonga, Confiteria La Ideal, Villa Malcom Club and Salón Caning among others.

Resident of Valencia (Spain), Salome has provided musicality at the local milongas, tango meetings and festivals, as well as other cities in Spain and Europe.

As a DJ, her characteristic style when playing music generates important message and a massive enjoyment of the audience. Her musical selection is focused on the golden age of tango and choosing in its entirety the dance of each orchestra, always maintaining constant energy through professional musicalization for the milongueros to dance non-stop, creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and pleasure for each tanda.