My career path as a professional dancer not only includes giving shows and organizing exhibitions – activities that have allowed me to travel almost all throughout my country – but additionally, thanks to Tango, I have crossed the borders of my own country to perform in France, Italia, Belgium and Spain.

I take great pleasure in watching and feeling the audience as they immediately connect with the lyrics and music of Tango. They feel it, understand it, and become impassioned with it, as if they were transported to a night in Buenos Aires on an imaginary trip along Corrientes Avenue, to visit a classical port-side Milonga, quoting Gardel, “Carlitos”, with a tear rolling down their cheek.

The many experiences I have had along my career have clearly shown me that when the audience sees me dancing, they do not see a dancer who simple follows steps and embellishes them, but instead they see a woman who harmoniously lives, feels, and breaths Tango through her movements.